Are braided wigs worth the hype?

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          Have you ever spent an hour or more trying to achieve that new braided style you saw on Pinterest with the curly ends? Is your Instagram feed is flooded with box braid styles, but the mention of box braids gives you flash backs of numb legs, neck pain, and headaches? You nearly faint at the possibility of losing your precious edges because your hair is braided just a little bit too tight. With these problems, Box braids may not be in your future... but they CAN be with the help of a braided wig.

        Wigs have created a new level of versatility for woman who love braids, but lack the patience to sit for hours in a chair. The key to wearing a wig, is a natural looking hairline! Like the real style, box braids show a lot of your scalp therefore, the box braid wig needs to look like scalp. How can a braided wig look natural? If you want to have that natural, melted to perfection look, it starts with whats under the wig. Your foundation needs to be flatly braided and you also need to use the bald cap method  (using a wig cap that resembles your skin tone).

              The beauty of braided wigs is that you can install them with or without glue. Going the glue less route is the safest option especially when trying to save your baby hairs and edges. If you properly take care of your wig, it can last at minimum 24 months. How do you take care of your wig? Much like any other unit, wigs need to be washed in cool water and mild soap. To make sure it lasts as long as possible, dip the ends of the wig in boiling water. Some braided wigs are made with synthetic fibers, so if you fully wash the wig in boiling water, the strands will begin to shrivel and shrink and it won't look as clean and neat as before. Allow your wig to air dry all the way before your next wear.

Be sure your also taking care of your hair underneath the wig as well. Keeping it moisturized and freshly braided will help stop any damage and add to the all around healthiness of your natural hair.

Braided wigs are definitely worth the hype. They can save you pain, time, and money. What's better than that? Find the best braided wig style that fits your style and budget and slay the day away!!!

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